Friends and Friendship

  Well, I haven’t stuck to my goal this week of posting every day, but true to who I am, I have been pondering something about myself. Do you consider yourself a good friend? Why or why not? What makes someone a good friend for you? I asked my husband these questions this week. He thought about it for a moment and gave me his answer. I think my husband is a great friend to me and others in his life and I often look to him for an example. I’ve been exploring myself in friendships present and past, and thinking about what types of friends I want going forward in my life. What I’ve determined is that I consider myself to be a good friend. However, except for a very few people in my life, I don’t think I’m good at friendship. I continue to explore this about myself and I’m sure I’ll have more to share.  How about you? Are you good at friendship? Lisa Pratt, February 2021

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